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GK Studio Policy & Payment Procedures

All studio recording session deposits must be prepaid online unless other arrangements have been agreed upon by an authorized staff member.

*Account Balances
We accept cash, money orders, certified or corporate checks and all major credit cards (per paypal plus a paypal service fee). Returned corporate checks, due to NSF will be assessed a $50.00 returned check charge. If the situation is not handled in a timely manner (24hours of notice) the check will be reported to local authorities as a bad check. No exceptions.

Personal checks are not accepted.

For all recording sessions we require a 50% deposit paid at the time of the INITIAL booking of your session & agreement of service needs. The remaining balance is to be paid at the conclusion of your scheduled session or once the project is complete (for those requiring mixing &/ or mastering services).

If at the end of a session there is a remaining unpaid balance of any amount, the client will not be permitted to leave the premises with any version of their work, in progress, finished or otherwise, until that balance is paid in full. This is non-negotiable.

*Session Bookings & Cancellations:

Studio session bookings are based on a referral system.

If you have booked a session, the session (and the clock) starts at your scheduled start time.

If a booking needs to be cancelled, it must be cancelled at least 7 days (1 week) in advance of your scheduled session in order to receive a partial (75%) refund of your deposit. All sessions cancelled less than 7 days of booking date will result in initial deposit not being refunded.

All studio booking sessions made within 1 week of the project start date are final.

Session Bookings & Cancellations policies are non-negotiable.

*Need to know Info for Recording Bookings

Each client needs to purchase a 2.0 external hard drive for the recording / editing / mixing / mastering / archiving of your work. We suggest no less than 500gig external hard drives due to the process in which we archive projects. You can purchase this yourself at CompUSA, Walmart, Office Max & etc, or we can acquire it for you, paid for at the time you pay your deposit...

You will also be given an allowance of 1 audio CD of your work at the conclusion of each session. All extra burns will cost $2.00 each.